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The Master Class 
Replaces the Mentor Course 

The Master Class with Charles Ridley
is the new path to
Stillness Touch Certification 

The Master Class
A Deep-dive Into 
Stillness Touch

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The Master Class series is based on material in the books Stillness, e-Book Stillness Practices, and Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love.

*** Die entsprechenden deutschen Bücher sind Prasent in Der Stille, e-book JENSEITS DER STILLE, and STILLNESS TOUCH DIE VEREINIGUNG VON KÖRPER UND LIEBE

You can take the Master Classes in any Order

2021 Schedule

Master Classes 

Basel August 26-29
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Contact: sphinx@craniosacral.ch

Basel  September 2-5 
Master Class 1 Click Here for Flyer
Contact: sphinx@craniosacral.ch

Copenhagen September 9-12
Master Class 1 Click Here For Flyer

2022 Schedule 
Master Classes and Teacher Training Immersion

Master Classes (Dates TBA)

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Master Class

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2022 Teacher Training Immersion
In Europe and Mexico - Stay Tuned For More Information

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Dynamic Stillness Press New Book

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love

Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love presents a meditative inner journey to union of body with love based on thousands of years of ancient practices. Stillness Touch details the specific pitfalls that hinder development and the inner practices that enhance one's evolution of consciousness. Also included are instructions for a way to touch that evolves consciousness and transmits love to others.

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Stillness Touch practitioners repose within and sense the Template of Wholeness as directed by Pure Breath of Love: Be Still and Know I AM. homeBulletread more


Practitioner and recipient mutually enjoy a body-felt connection to Wholeness. The practitioner is certain that the benefits have nothing to do with them while the recipient enjoys being intimately touched by Pure Breath of Love. homeBulletread more


Stillness Touch practitioners do not orient to anatomy or treat: we repose in the heart field, in non-doing, without efference, objectification, or visualization, amid 'don't know. homeBulletread more


Charles' Master Class three-part series is the new path for Stillness Touch practitioner certification. homeBulletread more

What People Are Saying:

"I am astounded by Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love. I feel there is so much to respond to and experiences to describe that I cannot even begin to try. Words don't describe how much your work resonates in me and helps me deepen my own." 

~ Winslow Eliot, PhD
Author of Be Still - How to Heal and Grow


Blending didactic instruction with experiential practice and group processing, Charles creates an environment conducive to learning at the deepest levels of comprehension.

~ Elizabeth Pimentel, ND
Dean of School of Naturopathic Medicine at Maryland Unversity of Integrative Health



"Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love is the best book I've read! Beyond accurate, it constantly confirms my inner exploration, inspiring a 'YES' to years of relentless commitment to embodiment, enfleshment, and reposing into what is. Your words vibrate in the flesh and bridge the transpersonal with the personal as an Enfleshment Manifesto."

~ Giselle Bridger
Co-founder of Lunaria Institute


"Stillness Touch Union of Body & Love is connecting and a revelation for every reader interested in healing and spirituality. It's a unique milestone that can expand our consciousness."

~ Daniel Agustoni
Director of Sphinx Craniosacral Institute
Author, Craniosacral Therapy For Children

Thank you for the lifetime developing this work. Even more for the generosity of sharing it so freely. Your classes have no fluff, no padding, no jargon, no hype, and just delivered again and again in deceptively simple words and actions.

~ Selma Lewis, Ph.D.

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